A Shortcut to Success

I was shown a shortcut to success at age 26. At age 28 I retired in style. I now wish to pay it forward and I am willing to provide a few ambitious people my step-by-step method for free. I want nothing in return other than to help a few people achieve success, and perhaps make a few new friends around the world.

My name is Nick Roditis and for the last 16 years I have been quietly earning a remarkably high income, working only a few hours per week from my home office.

How it all started was back in December 2000 in Sydney Australia, an Indian business analyst showed me a beautifully elegant and simple way to significantly increase my income using a simple 5-step system.

To get results, this 5-step system requires only a few hours a week of effort, there is virtually no risk, and the outlay and running costs are negligible. Also it's completely legal in about 20 countries around the world!

And Here's The Kicker...

The income is passive (or residual), it continues to flow even when you stop working. You literally get paid hundreds of times over for a once off effort. Like writing a best selling book and collecting royalties for years to come.

As you can imagine, the rewards can be, well to be honest, they can be astronomical, all you need to be is consistent in your efforts.

This 5-step system involves partnering in a very smart and unique way with an exemplary multinational company. A company that's preformed exceptionally well in the US, Australia, New Zealand and several countries in Asia. This company is one of the fastest growing companies on the international stock exchange with well over 200% growth this last year alone.

I really earned this
using my 5-step system.
In fact it's been a LOT more.

Here is where YOU come into the picture...

About 11 years ago, we packed up and moved to sunny Greece. We live in our dream house and live our dream lifestyle. I have spend the last 11 years being a very hands on Dad. I have been very blessed that we've done more traveling and real living as a family over the last 11 years, than most people do in a lifetime (or even three lifetimes).

However, recently I've realized that my children are growing up fast -- would you believe the eldest two are in high school now -- so I have a lot more free time on my hands these days.

I have taken up several hobbies -- martial arts, the acoustic guitar, traditional Greek dancing, Byzantine music, the gym, hatha yoga, various courses, etc. -- and the truth is something was missing.

It took me a while to figure it out, and when it hit me, it was obvious. Just like that Indian business analyst showed me a better way to earn all those years ago, I have decided to pay it forward too.

I have decided to finally reveal my simple
shortcut to success to 9 people ONLY.

In case you're wondering why 9, because it's my favourite number :-)

So I will be revealing my Shortcut to Success to the right nine people.

I've taken the time to put it into 5 easy to digest packages. My 5-STAGE process will provide you with a very clear understanding of how everything works.

For your complete understanding it's critical that you review all 5-STAGES thoroughly, as each stage builds on the previous one. The financial education that you will receive is truly remarkable.

At the end of the 5-STAGES of information, you can choose to either apply the knowledge and prosper. Or you can choose to do nothing. It's completely up to you and I have absolutely no emotion attached to what you do.

However, if you do decide to use my method, I can provide some ongoing 1on1 coaching for a few months, no charge. It's my way of giving back.

I do not want anything in return -- your success and perhaps making a new friend is enough repayment for me.

Well, there is one thing -- I would like it if you could promise me that when you are successful you too will pay it forward.

NOTE: During my 5-STAGE educational process you cannot buy anything, and you cannot part with any money. All I am offering is to show you my system, so it's strictly information only.

What you choose to do with that (amazing and powerful) new knowledge is your responsibility. I am offering to merely reveal to you how I have created my wealth.

So if you are ambitious, and you are truly looking for a shortcut to success, contact me and we'll arrange a time so I can take you through my educational 5-STAGE process: skype or email

Yours sincerely

Nick Roditis

PS. Once I have payed it forward to 9 people, that's it. So this is truly a "once in a lifetime" thing (excuse the cliche).

PPS. You may need some more proof, then see the proof page

PPPS. I have selected 3 special people to take under my wing so far, so 6 more to go!

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